Cover Reveal: Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

kids of appetite
Ouuuu so pretty! 

Guys. Guys guys guys! David Arnold is coming out with a new book and I’m so excited! Mosquitoland was one of my favorite reads of 2015 and I thought I’d have to wait forever for new work from Arnold, but we only have to wait until September 20!

Kids of Appetite is about love and music and murder and quite frankly, sounds awesome.

This is me right now:

anna kendrick

And here’s the brief description:

After taking young-adult readers on a grand road trip in his acclaimed 2015 debut novel Mosquitoland, David Arnold wanted to write about young romance and how it intersects with the love of music, art and words for his follow-up, Kids of Appetite.

The new novel (Viking, on sale Sept. 20) is the story of Vic and Mad, two New Jersey kids being held in separate interrogation rooms in the Hackensack Police Department. Each chapter is told from their alternating points of view in the present, as they’re being questioned about their involvement in a murder, and the past, which follows how Vic befriends Mad and their adventures with a bunch of misfit youngsters from their neighborhood.

The full release and an excerpt from Chapter 2 can be found in the announcement made by USA Today.


Who else is as pumped as I am?!



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